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Benny Hinn



Benny Hinn Controversy Answered

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Why Benny Hinn is not a false Prophet?
Why Christianity.com's claim about Benny Hinn is false?
Why Christianity.com site is dishonest, hypocritical, biased and unbiblical?
Christianity.com's teachings - Does it match with Bible?

When I went through Christianity.com forum I found that one of the forums of christianity.com contained only ridicule for Benny Hinn ministries. Christianity.com also made lot of false accusations against him and his ministry. This website of "Benny Hinn Controversy answered" was born because I was pained to read those horrific mocking and ridiculous posts posted in christianity.com forums. You can read those totally unbiblical and false accusations, statements/posts in Hot Topic of Christianity.com section with title: "Benny Hinn Fans - Please Read This"

Not only that, when somebody tries to respond to the acquisation of Christianity.com and answers Benny Hinn questions with Bible verses, they simply ignores the Words of Jesus (Bible) and when Christianity.com finds out that they (christianity.com) do not have any answers from Bible to defend their false claim, Christianity.com's moderators bans/kicks people out from their forum. The reason given by Christianity.com is that, "you have ignored the Tos #6 . As long as you are in line with Christianity.com's propaganda you'll be fine and you'll not be kicked out or banned from Christianity.com forums, but the moment, you give Bible verses to prove what Christianity.com is contrary to Bible, Christianity.com moderator will call it heresy and kick you out of Christianity.com forum. I am not sure why this kind of forum is created were nobody can discuss sound christian doctrine with freedom. Christianity.com forum is run by dishonest hypocrites. You can see dictator's rule like Sadam Husain's in these forums. Sadam Husain killed people who stood against him and the same tactic is applied in Christianity.com. If you are not singing in the tune of Christianity.com you are banned from Christianity.com forum. Is it Christian?

The question is how can a web site which claims to be a Christian website can ridicule a true servant of God? Benny Hinn who is preaching the Gospel and following the whole Bible sincerely has been called false prophet while christianity.com who is following only 20% of the Bible and that also is based on their own twisted theology is encouraging false teaching.

The Christianity.com forum is putting to use all kinds of cursing words to denounce Benny Hinn's ministry and that also against a Spirit filled man of God, Benny Hinn. Those statements themselves prove without any doubt that this site (Christianity.com) is not a Christian site nor do Christianity.com spread the true Gospel of Jesus Christ. Christianity.com does not believe in Bible. Christianity.com believes in less than 20% portions of the Bible. Christianity.com still claims that they are run by true believers. That's why you can see all the garbage in the forum of Christianity.com. Not only that all the moderators of Christianity.com are ignorant about Bible. You can find out in "Benny Hinn Controversy Answered" pages, the twisted and unbiblical views of Christianity.com regarding Bible truth and Christianity.com's unbiblical doctrines of faith which clearly contradicts Bible teaching.

Why Benny Hinn is not a false Prophet?

Does Benny Hinn practice Necromancy?

No, Benny Hinn does not practice Necromancy as Christianity.com people and others claim. he speaks about Visions and Dreams which is totally Biblical. It is not necromancy as christianity.com people and many who follow the same doctrine say. Joel 2:28 and Act 2:17-18, "And it shall come to pass afterward That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, Your old men shall dream dreams, Your young men shall see visions.
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